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Dreamstop is an interactive installation, located in Venice, on a landing platform (imbarcadero) for Venetian water-buses (vaporetti).
This urban installation imparts an aesthetic feeling to the waiting experience.
During the night people can see recorded fragments of the daytime life of other imbarcaderi as if through a peephole. The spectator makes appear a sequence of videos which were recorded during the day and returned later in modified form.
The spectator has to discover it by moving in front of the windows.
It will happen from time to time over the course of the year.

The imbarcaderi constitute the nodes of Venice’s transport network.
They are “non-places” like hotel rooms, airports or supermarkets, places of transience without significance. At the same time they are the one of the few modern buildings in Venice, but also the least attactive spaces, especially because of their night-time illumination. So it is particulary tempting to imagine an intervention like Dreamstop. Dreamstop.

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