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Time Machine

In Interaction Design Lab 2, taught by Philip Tabor with Gillian Crampton Smith, students design and prototype an interactive installation. This year they were asked to make a site-specific installation in Venice responding to the theme of time.

Building a Time Machine

Building a Time Machine 2

In the ten-week course, which meets four afternoons a week, students build on their experience with Processing, the programming language for designers, and use Arduino or Wiring to prototype or simulate their designs. Yaniv Steiner kicked off the term with a workshop – Usable Witchery (see We Make Money Not Art) – and Durrell Bishop and Tom Hulbert of Luckybite in London ran the prototyping workshop. Filippo Mastinù and Matteo Torcinovich of the faculty workshop provided great workshop and scene-painting expertise.

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Interaction Design Lab 2 is part of the laurea specialistica (graduate degree) in Visual and Multimedia Communication at IUAV University of Venice.

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