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The aim for the prototype was building a real pool and a little jetty, all made by plywood 1cm high. The pool, 250×200 cm, needed 2 hands of normal paint and 4 hands of water-based enamel paint in order to make it waterproof (never blend water based painting with solvent based ones)


jetty preparation

To built the jetty we design something where you can stand confortable with both of your feet, and play at the same time with the switch. The jetty was a semicircle with a diameter of 120cm.

jetty preparation

The jetty doesn’t need the same treatment of the pool, so 1 hand of normal paint plus 2 hand of enamel are enough to make it resistent to the water.

Pressure sensors


To recognize the presence of a person and his/her position on the jetty, we used pressure sensors. These are composed by two sheet of aluminum separated by a piece of insulating sponge rubber.



Pressure sensors are numbered and placed on the platform. Livewires are welded and passed through six different pods on the platform (see the picture below).



When the two aluminium sheets touch each other, they send a input to the Arduino board.


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