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Our installation is thought to be set in the new residential zone in Canareggio.
The yellow buidings have sorts of jetty which overlooks the water without any barriers. People who stands there, can see the Ponte della Libertà, Porto Marghera, Mestre, the airport and, farther, the islands of Murano and Burano.
It is one of the most beautiful place in Venice, far from the noise and the flux of the tourists. Its silence is interrupted only by the passage of a “vaporetto” or a private boat.
There are many lights that are reflected on the water, drawings different shapes and colours: they are the lamps of the three “briccole” in front of the jetties, the lights of the airport and the streetlamps on the Ponte della Libertà.

Since our installation’s main part is the projection on the water, it will work only during the dark hours in the nights: from the sunset till the dawn.

Usually this zone in Venice is populated by couples, people who gets lost and the inhabitants of the new buildings.
We think that this installation could attract more visitors, romantic or not, because also a skeptical person would get breathless seeing this beautiful place, in which our installation aims to become part of the environment.


The stakeholders of Bloom are the passengers of the vaporettos, the inhabitants themselves and maybe also people who is arriving in Venice by train or even by plane: the special illumination, sounds and environment that are created by the waterlilies and their ripples will be a source of curiosity.

Criteria for success
Obviously a clear signal of success will be given by the numbers of lilies projected on the water (the more they are, the more visitors have come). In the same way a continuous music in this poetic landscape will prove the presence of many people.
What we want mostly is that every person could build his or her own interaction with the installation: a child could discover the playful part of the project, while a person in love could create a romantic soundtrack for his/her romance!

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