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Graphic design
Phase 1:
Our main inspiration for the graphic design are the water lilies, beautiful flowers that live on the water.
At the beginning we wanted to design some shapes that have just to evoke them. Pratically we wanted to design symbols, not real representations of flowers. In order to do this we started from a real lily and we simplified it until we transformed it in a double circle shape (one into the other, with different dimension and colours). This shape had two problems: it seems a cell more than a flower and, more important, it could be confused with other lights reflected by the water (as we said in the context page in our location you can see three orange lights coming from three “bricole” and all the lamps of the Ponte della Libertà).

Try 1

Phase 2:
After the first tries, we decided to design a geometric lily, to give a clearer connotation to our shape. We played with transparency at the edge of the lilies to make it seems as if it has its own life, but that is part of the water, too. Moreover we gave the flower a colour that could be distinguished from all the other lights but at the same time could coexist with them.

Try 2

Phase 3:

Our lilies were really close to what we want to design, but there were still some little changes to do: the shape of the “leave” recall too much the Pacman’s shape, so we add two more cuts on it, and the colours of the lilies were too different one from the others, creating a contrast with the simplicity and the purity of the shape. Finally we coloured the flowers with a neutral gradation from white to black: in this case the simplest solution was the best one: with this colour our objects coexist perfectly with the environment, keeping a personal connotation.

Try 3

Sound design

working with reason

The aim in Bloom is create sounds that fit with the graphic but also soft and good for the environment. In the end, we don’t want to make noise, but a pleasant happening. We used Reason to create the effect and then we refined them in pair with the graphic design.

The ripples and the interaction between them are create by using an harmonic background sound (from a synth pad) edited with a normal console.

ripple1 / ripple2 / ripple3

The waterlilies, when hitten by the ripples and when they touch each other, vibrate like a vibraphone that is an instrument of the same family of the xilophone.

wlily1 / wlily2 / wlily3

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