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The strength of our idea is to project on the water. In order to underline this, we decided to build a basin for the water and a platform that represents the jetty. The technological elements of our prototype are:

- pressure sensors: when a user walks on the jetty he will switch on the pressure sensor, that will send a input to the Arduino board;

pressur sensor

- computer (Mac) + Arduino board: the Arduino board will be hidden, and it will receive inputs from the pressure sensors and send them to the computer;

arduino board

- projector: the projector is high-placed and projects the graphic images of our installation: lilies and ripples;

adjusting the projector

The differences between the real technology and the prototype one are few, for the real installation, we will add only:

- IR camera: to detect the number of users on the jetty and so the number of lilies that had to be projected (camera tracking);

- mirror: to regulate the cone of the projection.


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