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…and walls have ears

This is the work-in-progress website of the physical interaction studio course (laboratorio) in interaction design in the Faculty of Design and Arts at IUAV University of Venice.

The brief was to design an interactive installation providing useful information in a public place in Venice.


This Studio course, part of the graduate programme in Graphic and Multimedia Communication, (Laurea Specialistica) lasted 11 weeks in the spring of 2007. For most of the students it was their first experience of physical interaction design and of prototyping using the Processing programming language and Wiring input/output board.

The course started with a week-long workshop taught by Yaniv Steiner of NastyPixel. In the workshop students used the electronics inside cheap keyboards to build an an interactive video game and a ‘Wii’ controller to play it. The students then went on to generate a wide range of ideas for the installation and then, in pairs, spent time developing the concept. The final two weeks were spent building working prototypes with the aid of designer Durrell Bishop of LuckyBite in London and Davide Rochesso, professor of information technology at IUAV.

This site is where students posted their work as the course progressed; click on the tab FINAL PROJECTS above to see their solutions.

Interaction Design Lab 2 is part of the laurea specialistica (graduate degree) in Visual and Multimedia Communication at IUAV University of Venice.

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Bulletin 1: Welcome

Bulletin 2a: Timetable (revised)

Bulletin 3b: Class (revised)

Bulletin 4a: Blog (revised)

Bulletin 5: Final crit