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..building prototype


We bought a MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) board for the basement. This is the only cheap material that doesn’t flex with a board of 1,00×0,8 meters and only 16mm (millimeters) in thickness.


We have to drill the metal board with hand tool, in order to be more fast and accurate. Then we use a metal guide and glue the metal parts with superglue for metal.


We put the led with scotch, because it’s very hard to find a superglue for glue plastic and metal that works very quickly. Then we solder the led in a particular scheme that you can discover in the [graphic programming] part or [here].


This is the final aspect of our model. The little figures let you activate the switch for adding sounds to the music.


Thanks to Filippo Mastinu and Matteo Torcinovich of the Model Lab at Iuav for the support.


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..building prototype

..graphic programming programming

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