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To build the real installation in the Rialto fish market we need:

IR cams record people position
people will walk through the fishmarket and the system has to know the position (x,y) of people. We don’t want any sensor on the floor, beacuse the fish market area is used as market every morning. Cameras can detect people’s position as well.

Floor microphones
to be put around the 6 exhisting columns to trace footsteps of people. The system has infact also to know if people are loud or quiet. We imagine to know this detecting the noise they do. If the microphones are close to the floor it will be maybe more simple. And they will be not noticed.

Ceiling projectors
this is necessary to project the fish environment on the floor. Because the sapce is pretty big we think to use many projectors that projects vertically the fishes (to avoid the shadows of people).

to diffuse the soundtrack of aequilibrium in the whole fish market. They will be positioned somewhere in a way they will not be very visible. We’d like that the electronic/technical elements are a bit hidden and don’t disturb the exhisting architecture of the place.

Displays for columns
to show the graphics around the columns. LED ones are maybe too expensive, however, they can fit well that space.

Computer + Wiring
to run the application built in Processing.


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