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Even if the holocaust is one of the most exposed parts of Jews history, we would like to present an alternative of this culture. Tree of life is an interactive tous, that takes place in the Venice ghetto and treats Jewish culture and history in a more involving and exciting way. Making people interact and learn about facts and events is the spirit of this project. Open your mind to this tour,you leave richer of a new and exciting experience.

Tree of Life aims to tell visitors to the Venice Ghetto about Jewish culture and history in an interactive and ludic manner. Making people discover the history interacting with events make them enjoy the experience.
The tour is compound of three interactive installations in the Campo del Ghetto Nuovo:
01 the Tree itself, a tree in the square. Activated by RFID reader, the tree introduces the tour and explains the Venetian origin of the word ‘ghetto’.
02 the interactive floor of the diaspora in the sottoportego, an arcaded porch: by standing on a ‘timeline’, the visitor activates a projection on the floor and an audio commentary, which illustrate the history of the Jewish diaspora.
03 the Cabbalah Carpet, near the square’s wellhead: by walking on the carpet’s ‘Tree of Life’ pattern, the visitor activates an audio explanation of the meaning of the Cabbalah.
This project concentrates on the interactive floor in the sottoportego.

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