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The right technology to use, is that satysfing better the various parameters and characteristics for an interaction well made. From our main problems (continuous refreshing of the projected image, not well proportioned movement between the coaster and the image projected), we understood that the system needed of a camera with an high resolution (to take almost all the bar) and with an infrared filter, an infrared light (to light up so that all the object with a white color - the fiducial shape - are visible to the cam with IR filter), a projector with a large projection and a good half-opaque plan (bar surface) to put the coaster.
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To complete all, the system need also a database for Processing, in which every photo with every comment are catalogued, standardized following the format of a template pre-made; an other basic device is the bluethoot miniprinter joined to the system, put into the napkins dispenser.


The miniprinter has a fiducial marker below it and every time that reacTIVision recognize that the fiducial of the miniprinter is on the area of a flyer, the system understand that flyer must to be printed.

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