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This Laboratorio (studio course) is part of the Interactive Communication programme of the Laurea Specialistica (Masters Level) in Visual and Multimedia Communication. The majority are students from this programme, but it is also open to students from the other programmes in the Faculty of Design and Arts.

Miguel Cabanzo
After a BA in graphic design in Bogotá, Colombia,I moved to IUAV Treviso to attend the last year of industrial design BA. Trying to understand the nowadays strange mix between arts and communication, I decide to attend, at the same university, the visual & multimedia design MA held in Venice. In Colombia I worked with different advertising agencies and run an independent music magazine, which is now sadly defunct. Currently I work as a consultant (mainly on editorial and web projects) for the Comune di Venezia and for some architecture studios in the area. Occasionally, I also work for some clients in Milan. I am part of a theater experiment called nodoteatro and when I’m not studying or working, I go music hunting. If I wasn’t a designer, probably I would be a drummer. More info: 2ngry.

Davide Cocchi
Hi guys! I’m Davide: I was born in Terracina but I live near Rome.
I studied at Sapienza University in Rome, Industrial Design, in my final year I specialized in Multimedia and Visual Communication. My thesis was called ‘Flash 3D Interattivo’, in which I tried to create an environment totally in Flash 3d; and I gave it interactivity through Action Script. I also made a corporate identity for Nuvolari (a chain of clothes shops). I don’t know what I will become but I chose Venice, because according to me it is the best place in Italy to study what I like.

Nunzia Coco
After a bachelor in Industrial Design at IUAV Univesity of Venice, with a multisensorial thesis, I’m now attending the master in visual and multimedia communication at the same University.
I worked as a visual designer for the TWBA/EPG advertising agency in Lisbon and for Coin fashion and interiors store in Italy, where I’m still working as a consultant.
I’ve worked with a team of specialists in projects of exhibit design in Milan and Rome and in editorial projects. I worked for two years with Professor Giovanni Anceschi at the Industrial Design University on the Basic Design course.
Recently, I organized a meeting space for young designers in the third edition of Teach me, the international design and communication festival in Venice and in January I participated in the international workshop “L’Observatoire européen de l’Objet - OO.2 Brussels - Living together in Europe” organized by the European Union.

Benito Condemi de Felice
Hello, my name is Benito and I come from the province of Messina. I studied Industrial Design for 4 years in Rome. My thesis was the restyling of the logo of the MAXXI museum, and the construction of a web site in which a vrml does seaman the museum and to look at in 3d the works. in more I studied a Bluetooth system that can allow the user and museum to interact. Now I am in the first year of the classVEM. I excuse myself for my English, but I want to learn.

bye bye

Luca De Rosso
I was born in Valdobbiadene on 21-02-1984. I studied Fashion Design for a year at the Politecnico in Milan and then moved to Product Design in the same school.
The 26 September of this year I graduated with a thesis concerning a deformable light, realized in technogel with a LyTec light source. (A sort of bright material that allows the user to change the form as he wants.)
My main interests are music, graphics, movies and skateboarding.
I try to give my best in the first of these interests, and for a few years I have devoted myself to electronic music made with computer- and midi-interfaces in a desperate search for minimal but intense melodies for a future exhibition project in which music and video are synchronized in real time.
That’s all!
And, as the dormouse said: feed your head!

Alessandra Florian

Francesco Fraioli
Hi! I am Francesco I’m 23 Years old, I was born in Mestre Venezia, now I live in Mogliano (Treviso).
I am attending the second year of corso di laurea specialistica in comunicazione visiva e multimediale. I graduated in arti visive e dello spettacolo with the following thesis: ‘Retouch to fix. manipulation of the digital image.’
I’m a web designer, I play the electric guitar, and i like drawing, I am spend too many hours at the computer.

This is my website:

Giovanna Nicosia

Pamela Moscarda
Hello, I’m Pamela. I was born in Pula, Croatia. I’m from the italian minority in Croatia, so I attended the all italian school in Pula. I graduated from high school in Pula with a thesis on the Analysis of Coca-Cola advertising.
After that I decided to move to Treviso to study Industrial Design at IUAV Faculty of Design. I graduated with a thesis on the visual identity of the Istrian tourist board.
Now I’m at the second year of clasVEM at the University of Venice where my interests are visual and interaction design.
I’ve worked as web designer in Treviso and graphic designer in a print studio in Pula.
Something about me: I like a lot travelling, I like my beatiful sea in Croatia and I have the hobby of photography.

Nicola Plaisant
Hi everyone, I’m Nicola and I’m 23 years old.
I live in Mestre and I like traveling, especially with my mountain bike and my friends. I’m a great fan of JRR Tolkien and T Pratchett and I like sci-fi and fantasy films. I play martial arts and I’m very keen on drawing comics and painting on canvas. I’ve done artistic studies in Venice, at the Liceo Artistico Statale (arts high school) and then my bachelors in ID at Iuav Treviso. My degree theme was a graphic identity for a foundation, like the Querini Stampalia or the Giorgio Cini.

Tamara Romeo

Margherita Urbani

Marco Zamarato
Born in 1981 in Tortona. Studied Science and Communication Technology in Milan with a thesis in Italian Literature about the poetry of Vivian Lamarque and its (possible) relationship with new media. Studied piano and guitar for several years then became interested in video and photography and decided to move to Venice and found there is more to learn. While in Milan worked as a journalist for a cinema magazine and as a musician/director for RadioDUE and others little works. Has been writing a feature film script since 2004.