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The site chose for the installation is Il Muro bar in the Rialto area of Venice.
The motivation of this choise is the bar that surround all the ambient inside. Our goal was to realize an installation that use completly this structure to make a big interactive surface.


How can people use it?

The first action that a person do with FLYER CAFE is the selection of the coaster of the announce categoy in wich he is intrested.

The difference with a normal café is only that isn’t the waiter to give the coaster, but is a user’s matter.
He can choose between four category of public announce or use the “new stuff” coaster to watch what’s new in the last 24 hours without distinctions.
The category are:
- Flats: for demands and offers about estates announce;
- Free Time: for announce like concerts, exhibitions, shows etc;
- Buzz: ..for instance: “I’ve lost my dog! Please find it!!”;
- Jobs: demands and offers.

When the coaster is on the bar the software recognize the object and shows all the relaive announce clustering around it. Then the user can consult the flyers, select some of them to keep apart if he is intrested in something an print a copy of them to have a phisical “promemoria” with him.





How can people make a flyer?

Make a flyer is easy than send an mms. In fact the person who would make a post has only to take a photo about the argument, write the subject of the mms, that will be the title of the flyer, then add some informative text, and then send it to FLYER CAFE. Automatically a template will be compiled by the software and the flyer will be visible to the customers.

When a new flyer arrive to FLYER CAFE the surface of the bar gradually change his color as the color of the category of the flyer so people can kows that there is a new announce.

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