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…And walls have ears
The course started with a week-long workshop taught by Yaniv Steiner of NastyPixel. In the workshop students used the electronics inside cheap keyboards to build an an interactive video game and a ‘Wii’ controller to play it.

The students then went on to generate a wide range of ideas for possible installations and then, in pairs, spent time developing the concept. The final two weeks were spent building working prototypes with the aid of designer Durrell Bishop of LuckyBite in London and Davide Rochesso, professor of information technology.

Check out the projects:

•Aequilibrium—feel how humans affect the lagoon
•Flyer cafè—leave a flyer on the bar
•Secret Garden—let’s peep
•That sinking feeling—do I need rubber boots today?
•Tree of Life—museum in the Ghetto
•Venice 360º—tourists rest their weary legs and listen to what they see
•WAV—will I catch the vaporetto?