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Berlin meet-up

In June 2013, after a teaching session at Potsdam Technical University, Gillian and Philip met up at the Schwarzes Café in Kantstrasse with twenty or so alumni, collaborators and interns working in Berlin. 40% of IxD alumni work in Italy and 60% abroad where Berlin is the most popular destination, followed by London.

Terrarium logo

Thesis project gets seed funding

Damiano Gui's project, Terrarium, was one of the ten Italian winners of the "Innovators Under 35" award run by the MIT Technology Review and Forum Ricerca Innovazione Imprenditorialità. He won a place at the TechPeaks incubator and the team is one of two already selected for €25K seed funding.

Fjord Berlin office

Interaction Design students' summer internships

Once again IxD students are doing internships abroad in a wide range of international studios. Barcelona: Smart Design; Berlin: Fjord, Feld, Nokia; Copenhagen: CIID; DenHaag: Van Berlo; London: Nokia, Peter Anderson; Madrid: Fjord; Singapore: MIT's Senseable City Lab.


Polimeteor selected by I.D. magazine online

Polimeteor, a project from the mobile applications studio course, Ambient Angels, was selected by the US design magazine, I.D. to be featured in their online edition. In this course, students were invited to design an application for Venice that would make use of sensor data around the city. [more about the project]

adaa logo

Six Iuav teams reach semi-finals in the Adobe Awards

Again this year Iuav teams have been successful in the first round of this competition that attracts thousand of entries from all over the world. Iuav has an impressive ADAA track record: twelve Finalists or Winners since 2008.

lexis il mostro

New Masters graduates

This year eleven students from product and comunication design did interaction design theses. They adressed a range of social areas: games for children of all abilities, small farmers, the elderly, government-citizen communication, stress; and tools for the kitchen, personalisable maps and a city game. [more]

Tangible sounds

Tangible Sounds

An interactive digital system to ease the learning of music theory allowing people to experiment with music through a tangible interface. This project by Loris Botello won the Best Student Project at the Digital Experience Awards 2012—the Italian festival of design and creativity. [more]


Iuav IxD teams finalists in the international Adobe awards

The Adobe Student Achievement Awards are one of the world's most prestigious design events. ADAA 2012 attracted almost 5,000 submissions from over 70 countries. Seven Iuav IxD projects were chosen as semifinalists, of which two, Bociapocia and Tide's up, reached the finals and attended the awards ceremony in Toronto.

Dibble project

Nine new Masters graduates

The number of Communication graduates specialising in interaction design grows annually. In 2012 there were nine, two cum laude. 2012 theses indicated a new emphasis on data visualisation, sonification, and tangible interfaces. Topics include crowdsourcing for disaster relief, health, interactive data visualisation, mobile sonification and tangible interfaces for services. [more]

I Mirabilia

I Mirabilia national winner in BraunPrize 2012

I Mirabilia, Erika Rossi's thesis project, was a national winner in the Student category. The competition attracted 2399 entries from 73 countries. I Mirabilia also won first prize in the ICSR2011 Social Robot Design Competition and was shortlisted in the USA Interaction Design Association competition.

Project Aura

IxD theses published as academic papers

Marco Righetto's Aura, and Erika Rossi's I Mirabilia were presented at Ambience 2011 in Sweden. In revised form, and after double-blind peer review, they are published in Auckland University's Studies in Material Thinking. The projects were also two of twelve winners in the European Youth Award.

Adobe interview

Iuav team chosen to develop Adobe Awards Wings App

Paolo Basso, Damiano Gui, and Martina Maitan, after their success in the 2011 Adobe awards with a project based on the Midas Myth, were invited to work with Labor to develop the Adobe Awards smartphone application, Adobe Wings. They were interviewed for the Awards blog about their work: read the interview here.

GCS at TEI Madeira

Recent keynote speeches

Gillian Crampton Smith has given three keynotes in 2011-12: at WIF . the international interaction design festival in Limoges; Tangible Embedded Interaction, Madeira, where she was also on a panel with Don Norman and Bill Verplank; and Design Principles and Practices, Rome, with Stefano Giovannoni and Stefano Boeri.

La case encendida

Interaction Design students' summer internships

Once again students took internships in Italy and abroad in a wide range of studios such as: Fjord in Berlin, Paris and Madrid; Frog, Milan; H-Farm's Log 607, Treviso; Icon Worldwide, Buhler; The Sensable City Lab, MIT, Cambridge and Singapore; Studio Fazio, Bologna; NextLab, Milan. Photo Javier Martin Espart...

Presentation in Taipei

Iuav IxD teams shine in the international Adobe awards

In 2011 three Iuav projects were finalists: students went to Taipei to receive their awards. Erika Rossi was the winner in the non-browser category with her project, I Mirabilia, interactive dolls for children in hospital; the others were Aura, an interactive pregnancy dress and Whispering Reeds, an augmented reality application.

Project Aura

Six new Masters graduates

Six Iuav IxD students graduated in 2011, all with full marks. The focus this year was on physical computing. Following a trend started in 2010, three thesis projects were for children and three for the family and the home. Papers about three of the projects have been accepted for international conferences. [more]


Get Connected, Stay Connected

Iuav IxD is one of six programs invited to join Microsoft's Design Expo which showcases exceptional design process and ideas from universities around the world. One IUAV IxD team, Voglia, went to Seattle to present its project. Read more about the projects here; and about Voglia on the Microsoft blog.

GCS at TEI Madeira

Recent keynote speeches

Gillian Crampton Smith has given three keynotes recently: at SIGRADI, the South American Digital Graphics conference, Bogotà; Tangible Embedded Interaction, Madeira, where she was also on a panel with Don Norman and Bill Verplank; and Design Principles and Practices, Rome, with Stefano Giovannoni and Stefano Boeri.

La case encendida

Interaction Design students' summer internships

In 2010 students gained valuable international experience at Artefact in Seattle, Experientia in Turin, Fjord in Madrid, IDEO in Palo Alto and Siemens Research in Princeton. Two IxD graduates gained Leonardo bursaries for postgraduate internships in Berlin. Read the employers' comments here. Photo Javier Martin Espart...

Heart lift

Adobe/Icograda Student Achievement Awards

We congratulate Laura Bordin, who, with her project Heartlift, is one of 10 winners (from over 2500 entries) in this important international competition. Liaison reached the final and Hello an honourable mention—and 10 IUAV IxD teams made it to the semifinal. Only two other universities had more than one project in the final. 07/2010


Six new graduates in interaction design

Students confronted challenges in a range of different domains, from interactive meeting tables for hospitals, mobile phone museum guides for children, interactive toys using human-generated electricity, iPhone training games for typographers and telemonitoring for skiers to a symphony for obsolete peripherals. Check out the projects HERE 04/2010

Luca de Rosso  explains his project in Rome

IUAV IxD thesis judged one of the best in Italy

The Lucky Strike T Design award is for the best design theses in Italy. 178 theses from 40 Italian design schools were entered for the competition. IxD student Luca de Rosso's thesis, Otto, was one of the eleven winners, three of which were by IUAV students. The prizewinning projects were exhibited in Rome. 09/2009

IUAV invited to the Festival of Creativity Florence

Making Ideas Happen, in collaboration with H-Farm, celebrated the way innovative ideas from the university can be brought into the world. Nicola Plaisant designed the installation, Francesco Fraioli and Luca de Rosso demonstrated Thounds and Otto. IUAV Ixd showreel by Silvia Bosocolo, Erika Rossi and Marco Righetto. (10/2009)

Summer internships coming to a close

Second-year students are returning after their internships in Italy and abroad. Despite the recession and difficult times for design studios, students were accepted at IDEO in San Francisco, Prospect Design in London, Frog Design in Milan and Fabrica, Treviso. We look forward to hearing about their experiences. (09/2009)

From thesis project to founding a company in a year

Thounds, a social software site for collaborative musical composition was the thesis project of Francesco Fraioli. Thounds Inc, based in Seattle and designed for a world-wide audience, has been developed over the past year in H-Farm, the hi-tech incubator near Treviso. Listen to the launch interview on Radio24 here. (15/09/2009)

Adobe Student Design competition

Adobe Student Achievement Awards

We congratulate the five clasVEM teams that made it to the semifinals of the 2009 international Adobe awards. In the mobile section they are Piscator, Derive and Spook. In the installation section: Bloom and Aleph. (07/2009)


Eight new graduates

Eight students graduated with a thesis in interaction design this year. Their thesis topics ranged from services to lighten the load on the planet, to games and applications to encourage social participation to a new electronic musical instrument. Most have now found jobs but check out their projects here. (04/09)

Liaison remote communication project


This IUAV studio project (IxD Lab 2, Spring 2009) asked students to design and prototype a physical and virtual system to allow remote communication between people and people or people and information. Luckybite partners Durell Bishop and Tom Hulbert from London helped students prototype their designs using Arduino.

Crafting with current--beautiful physical interfaces

Crafting with Current (01/09)

As part of the studio project, Yaniv Steiner of Nastypixel ran this one-week workshop on on physical computing—connecting virtual information to physical objects and devices. The workshop focuses on hacking electronic toys and using Arduino or Wiring input/output boards to connect domestic electronics to Internet data feeds.


IDEA International Design Education Awards

Sketch-a-tune, the thesis project of IxD graduate, Giovanna Nicosia, was chosen to be included in the book Idea International Design Education Awards to celebrate creativity and innovation. The book included work from Italian design schools, as well as some from abroad. Giovanna went on to work at Dolce&Gabbana in Milan.


A mobile welcome to Venice

'The Open Hand', the recent IUAV studio project on mobile phone applications (IxD Lab 1), is now online: each application welcomes visitors to Venice. Applications included Piscator, a service to help Erasmus students get to know each other, or Expiry Date: when your food is expiring, find someone to share it with. See the projects here (09-12/08)

Digital shoe shopping interface

Applied Dreams

Many top fashion houses have their shoes manufacured in the area around Venice. As part of IxD Lab 1, this workshop allowed final-year students, in collaboration with new-media incubator H-Farm, to design and prototype new interaction ideas for point-of-sale in the shoe industry. More / Di più

Danish flag

IxD alumni in Copenhagen

Gillian Crampton Smith and Philip Tabor taught a theory workshop at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID). Based in the Danish Design School, CIID's Masters course is in its first year. IxD alumni Nunzia Coco and Francesco Saverio Mondelli were among the 24 international students who received a bursary to study there.


From Copenhagen and California

Vinay Venkatraman, from CIID in Copenhagen, and Nicholas Zambetti of IDEO Palo Alto ran the Mobile Prototyping workshop for IxD Lab 1. Inspired by the student projects, Nicholas wrote LiveView Screencaster, an application for the Macintosh which allows you to simulate interfaces on the iPhone. We thank IDEO for generously sponsoring his collaboration with us.

Grapics exercise

Also from California

Graphic and interaction designer Christian Palino, of Microsoft Mountain View, ran this workshop as part of IxD Lab 1. Focus was on mapping interface flows and preparing graphics and animation for moble-phone screens.


IxD students win Samsung Young Design Awards

In the competition awards held in Milan, Alessandro Filippi won the bronze prize for his self-initiated project: Greenfit, a proposal for a product to increase people’s awareness of their energy use.

Martina Pagura's project, Selachimorpha, was the second most popular in the online vote that followed the competition.

Processing from Potsdam

As part of IxD Lab 1, Till Nagel from Potsdam Technical University taught a workshop for first-year students on Processing, the programming language for designers. Till was responsible for the Maeve interactive installation at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2008. Maeve is part of the MACE project, a collaboration which includes IUAV architects.

What's Cooking? screenshot

IxD students win Adobe Achievement Award

Valeria Donati, Maria Tasca and Valentina Venza won first prize ($3,000 plus $1,800 of Adobe software) in the mobile category of the international Adobe Achievement 2008 competition for What's Cooking?, their project for IxD Lab 1. Invited to New York for the prize-giving, they visited some of the city's leading design studios.



Gaming in New York, designing phone services in London, interaction in San Francisco, information visualisation in Turin, social networking in Milan, games, websites, and music software in Roncade. Just some of the jobs and internships taken by final-year students and graduates in 2008.

Pula installation

Media Mediterranea

Pamela Moscarda led a Randomclapping team of IxD students and graduates (Laura Bordin, Francesca Burato, Davide Cocchi, Massimo Casagrande, Francesco Fraioli, Benito Condemi, Marco Zamarato, Claudia Zanon) who designed and made three interactive installations for Media Mediterranea 10, the festival of new technology at Pula, Croatia.


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