Useful links

This page lists useful links for students on the Interaction Design programme at IUAV University of Venice. Please let us know if these become dead.


Long running and important comment on ‘what is new technology for?’

Live|Work Service Design. Live|Work have pioneered service design as a design activity.

Interaction Design Association: a lot of interesting discusssions and resources

Rather sharp blog on interaction design!

Looks good, works well
Looks Good Works Well: Storyboarding Interesting Moments

We make money not art: design/technology/art

Interaction Design Foundation: free learning materials in English written by well-known authors.



Service design Pioneering design company set up by RCA graduates in 2001 Information and discussions about service design Article describing service design Collection of tools for service design Service design blog

Working with users

Cooper on personas (his company invented the name)

Working with users for service design

IDEO’s methods cards

Jane Fulton Suri, Marion Buchenau: Experience prototyping

Michael Muller: Participatory design methods

Bill Gaver, Tony Dunne, Elena Pacenti: Cultural Probes
ACM Interactions Magazine February 1999


Basic Flowcharting Symbols - The SmartDraw Flowchart Tutorial

Introduction to  User Interface Flow Diagrams (UI Storyboards)

‘Quick and dirty’ video prototyping

Hill and Houde: "What do prototypes Prototype?"

Futures scenarios (unfortunately dead--though the link is still on the site

Information architecture tools


(see Information visualisation references page


Fresh interfaces for architects

Magical mystery tour

Flikr clock

Rijksmuseum: a beautiful light, delicate, pleasurable experience—a widget for the Macintosh

Elegant loading animation

Animation sketch style






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