Physical computing references

This page lists useful references about physical computing for students on the Interaction Design programme at IUAV University of Venice.


Pervasive computing, ambient intelligence, tangible user interface

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Technical: physical interaction

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Tom Igoe's ITP course material is at

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Reactable: Reactable (tabletop musical composition using coded counters)

UK Electronics club


Fritzing pcb system


Seeed studio

Pachube (pronounced Patch-bay)

Replace Base (spare parts for mobile phones)


Beyond the desktop (physical and pervasive computing)

ART+COM: Famous Grouse installation (virtual pool).

ART+COM: Floating Numbers installation

Cute Circuit (Ryan Genz and Francesca Rosella, Interaction-Ivrea): Hug Shirt (remote hugging)

Dunne & Raby: projects (value fictions rather than science fictions)

FluidTime: projects (mobile access to constantly updated timetable data)

William Gaver and others: Drift Table (digital furniture)

IBM: Checkout Line (advertisement for RFID tagging in supermarkets)

Ident technology: GestIC (gesture interaction through the body’s electrical conductivity)

Interaction Design Institute Ivrea: La memoria degli oggetti (interactive exhibition in Achille Castiglione’s studio)

Intactive: Multitouch Bar

Interactive Productline: Mindball (game controlled by neurofeedback)

Toshio Iwai: Tenori-On (tablet music maker)

Theo Jansen: Beach Creatures (wind-driven contraptions with rudimentary memory and intelligence)

Klein Dytham: i-fly Virgin Wonderwall (mobile phone quiz on advertising hoarding

Koert (Koert van Mensvoort):  Data Fountain (displays current financial data)

Lust: Generation Random (tabletop touchscreenbeautiful virtual dynamics)

MiME: Intimate Media projects (personal memory devices)

Mindstorm: iBar (large multitouch table)

MIT Media Lab Tangible Media Group: SandScape (tangible landscapes)

Christian Moeller: ZeilGallerie, Frankfurt (early of a reactive building façade)

Nanowires: power-generating wearable fibres

Natural Interaction: projects (an Italian interaction design company)

Reactable: Reactable (tabletop musical composition using coded counters)

RFID customer-tracking: (anonymous?) shopping mall simulation (?)

Daniel Rosin: Wooden Mirror (mirror made of wooden pixels)

Small Design Firm (specialists in interactive exhibits): projects

Sony Corporation: DataTile (configure physical tiles for linked dynamic data)

Yaniv Steiner: Artissima exhibit (gesture recognition in museum)

Haque, Usman; Adam Somlai-Fischer. Low Tech Sensors and Actuators. Free download from

Visual Planet: Touchfoil (large-scale touch screens)

Haiyan Zhang (Interaction-Ivrea): Control Freaks (game input devices)




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