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IUAV University of Venice


IUAV University (pronounced ‘you-av’) was founded in 1926 as the Venice Higher Learning Institute of Architecture (Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia).

Its Faculty of Design and Arts (Facoltà di Design e Arti) opened in 2001. It offers degree programmes at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level in communication, fashion, industrial and theatre design, and the visual arts.

The Faculty's headquarters and lecture halls are in a Renaissance building, the former convent of the Terese, in the western Dorsoduro area of Venice’s historic centre; studios are in the nearby Magazzini 7 (Ligabue), converted warehouses overlooking the Giudecca Canal. All Interaction Design core teaching is in these two buildings.

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The Faculty’s two-year masters-level (graduate) programme in Visual and Multimedia Communication (clasVEM: corso di laurea specialistica in comunicazioni visive e multimediali) is directed by Giorgio Camuffo. It comprises two programme streams (percorsi formativi):

• The Communication Design programme stream, concentrating on graphic design and information systems

• The Interaction Design programme stream.

Students on each programme stream take ‘core’ courses central to their specialism, and choose from a wide range of other courses offered by this and other graduate programmes.

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This website concerns aspects of Gillian Crampton Smith and Philip Tabor’s interaction design courses. But it is not necessarily a comprehensive, correct or updated description of IUAV University and its activities, requirements and procedures. On all such matters readers should take IUAV’s administrative staff and official website as their most reliable sources of information.

Photo: Faculty of Design and Arts in the former convent of the Terese.