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Photo: Lab 2 physical computing project, ''Flyer Café', by Davide Cocchi and Luca De Rosso.


Ambient interaction project themes

Projects from the Interaction Design programme at IUAV University of Venice.

Interaction design is not limited to the screen and keyboard of the computer and mobile phone. All kinds of objects and installations can be linked into interactive systems. This is the world of sensors, actuators and robotics; of physical computing, tangible interfaces and intelligent environments.


Compass Cloud
Things, phones and spaces (2012-13)

Asked the students to choose a public or semi-public space, and design in it an interactive object which would be aware of nearby smartphones. The object’s consequent behaviour would enrich the relationship between the phone’s owner and the space.

Things that tell us things (2011-12)

Students designed and prototyped site-specific interactive installations to communicate information—precise or impressionistic—to the public of Venice. The form had to suggest the behaviour of a person, an animal or a plant.

Go to the project Voglia
Get Connected, Stay Connected (2010-11)

Six universities from around the world were invited by Microsoft Research to participate in their Design Expo on this theme. We asked students to focus their design on communication between family members and to concentrate on natural interaction.

go to coro pisani
Signals in Space (2009-10)

Students invent, design and prototype ‘signals in space’: an interactive installation in a public place. It had to be site-specific—its nature derived from the unique geometry and genius loci of a specific place and to provide information—precise or impressionistic.

Crafting with current--beautiful physical interfaces
Keep-in-Touch (2008-09)

Students design and prototype a physical and virtual system to allow remote communication between people and people or between people and information. Students must design the system's behaviour to be interestingly interactive and striking to look at, feel and hear.

Shoe shopping intrface
Digital Shoe Shopping (2007)

Many top fashion houses have their shoes manufactured in the area around Venice. In this workshop final-year students, in collaboration with new-media incubator H-Farm, designed and prototyped new ideas for point-of-sale in the shoe industry (also in Italian).

Bloom music installation on the lagoon
Time Machine (2007-08)

A site-specific installation in Venice on the theme of time. Solutions included a system to play with light in a dark alley, changing with the path of the sun, to an installation that allowed people to become orchestra directors on the ripples of the lagoon.

Aequilibrium installation
Walls Have Ears (2006–07)

interactive installation for a public space in Venice, to provide useful informaton playfully and enjoyably. Solutions ranged from an installation in the Rialto fish market to an device to tell you how high up your trousers Venice's frequent floods would reach.



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