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Photo: Lab 2 physical computing project, ''Flyer Café', by Davide Cocchi and Luca De Rosso.


Screen-based design project themes

Projects from in the Interaction Design programme at IUAV University of Venice.

These projects concentrate on the social side of applications and services well as on aesthetic and technical aspects. We believe that designing function is not enough: successful applications must also satisfy people's social and emotional needs. The projects often take Venice as their context: the challenge for interaction design, to develop the new without losing what is of value in the old, is particularly poignant here.


Millimography site
Ambient Angels (2012-13)

Students were asked to imagine that thousands of sensors are distributed around Venice and its waterways, and that the data they sense is broadcast wirelessly. What kind of data might it be? What kind of mobile application could use it?

Speak Up!
Nomad City (2011-12)

Venice is kept alive because ‘working nomads’ constantly circulate through its veins and arteries. Students designed and prototyped an interactive service for these working nomads—security patrols, postmen, ambulance crews, gondoliers, refuse collectors...

Pint of Words
Theatrum Urbis (2010-11)

inspired by Richard Sennett’s The Decline of Public Man, students were asked to design a mobile phone service or application which supports people acting together in a ‘structured’ manner in Venice’s calli and campi, and to prototype its interactive behaviour.

Venice Hypothetical
Venice Hypothetical (2009-10)

Students were invited to imagine for Venice a hypothetical past (which did not happen) or a counterfactual future (which might happen, however improbable), and then design and prototype for their scenario an interactive service accessed by mobile phone.

The Open Hand (2008-09)

Mobile phone applications and services to welcome visitors to Venice. Applications included Piscator, a service to help Erasmus students get to know each other, or Expiry Date: when your food is expiring, find someone to share it with.

Sardinaimo application
Invisible Bridges (2007-08)

Invent, design and prototype an ‘invisible bridge’: an interactive system to allow people to construct social and/or cooperative relationships. Projects range from a social network for agoraphobics to a service for homesick Neapolitans in Venice.

Application for the vigili (local policemen)
nomads@work (2006-07)

Cellular phone applications for nomad workers in Venice—people whose jobs mean that they are always on the go in the streets of the city. They include tourist guides, rose-sellers, ambulance workers, Vigili (local police).

Flag Smart Biennale application
Smart Biennale 2005-06

Applications to make people's visits to the Art Biennale more fulfilling. Solutions included a SecondLife-type application for people with similar intererests to meet, a way to vote for your favourite pavilions, a way to allow artists and curators to get in touch.


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