gillian crampton smith

Gillian Crampton Smith

(Sometimes found on the web as Crampton-Smith)


• ACM SIGCHI 2014 Lifetime Achievement in Practice Award for outstanding contributions to the practice and understanding of human-computer interaction.

• 2014- Honorary Professor University of Applied Sciences, Potsdam

• 2008-11 Fondazione di Venezia Professor of Design at Iuav University of Venice

• Research Affiliate at MIT; adviser to the Sensable City Lab.

• Adviser and visiting lecturer at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

• 2006-2014 With Philip Tabor, founded and directed the Interaction Design programme in the Visual and Multimedia Communication graduate degree, Faculty of Design and Arts, IUAV University of Venice.

• 2000-2005 Founding Director of Interaction Design Institute Ivrea (Italy), established by Telecom Italia and Olivetti for advanced teaching and research

• 1992-1999 Worked as interaction designer at Interval Research and Apple in Silicon Valley, California

• 1990-2000 Founded its Computer Related Design (later Interaction Design) department and research studio at the Royal College of Art. Personal Chair in Computer Related Design; Head of Department and Chairman of the University's Research Policy Committee. 2001 Senior Fellowship (awarded to leading figures in the world of Art and Design). Member English Arts and Humanities Research Board, assessing funding applications in art and design.

• Founder of the computer studio at St Martin’s School of Art, London. Started its graduate course, one of the first in the world, to help professional designers realize the potential of the computer in graphic design

• Designed and programmed a page-layout programme for doing layout on the Apple II microcomputer

• Worked as a typographer and graphic designer for books, magazines and Sunday Times newspaper

• Wrote and desgned teachiing materials on social topics for secondary schools

• Studied Philosophy then Art History at Cambridge University


Full cv


2014 TedX Venice: Phones should fit life more gracefully. Behind Every Artefact Lurks an Ideology

2014 ACM SIGCHI Toronto: Acceptance lecture

2014 Keynote speech at Interaction14, Amsterdam

2013 Keynote speech at ACM SIGCHI Mobile HCI, Munich

2012 Keynote speech at WIF Interaction Design Festival, Limoges

2012 Papers in Studies in Material Thinking (Vol 7) with Erika Rossi, Marco Righetto and Philip Tabor.

2011 Keynote speech at the ACM conference Tangible Embedded Interaction, and part of a panel with Don Norman and Bill Verplank;

2011 Key note speech at Design Principles and Practices, Rome, with Stefano Giovannoni and Stefano Boeri.

2010 Keynote speech at Sigradi (Sociedad Iberoamericana de Grafica Digital) Bogota

2010 “In Front of the Wave” in Index: un percorso di specializzazione in Interaction Design Experience. Ed. Sebastiano Bagnara, Mario Mattioda. Franco Angeli, Roma.

2009 Report of the Project ACRIB on new Technologies for Footwear Point of Sale

2008 'The Craft of Interaction Design' in ELISAVA TdD 25 | Design Research, Barcelona (also online here).

2007 ‘Foreword’ in Bill Moggridge, Designing Interactions, MIT Press, London, and Cambridge Mass.

2007 'Simplicity' and 'Interview with John Maeda' (with Philip Tabor) in LUX Issue 9, Foscarini, Marcon, Italy.

2006 ‘Foreword’ in Massimo Botta Design dell’informazione, Valentina Trentini editore, Trento, Italy.

2006 ‘Introduction’ and ‘More than one way of knowing’ (with Philip Tabor) in Sebastiano Bagnara, Gillian Crampton Smith editors,Theories and Practice in Interaction Design, Laurence Erlbaum. New York

2004 ‘Educating Interaction Designers’ in John Maeda, Creative Code, Thames & Hudson London

2004 ‘From Material to Immaterial and Back and Back Again’ (plenary lecture), Proceedings of the ACM DIS [US Association for Computing Machinery: Designing Interactive Systems] Conference, Cambridge, MA, ACM Press, New York

2004 ‘Formazione per ambiti contemporanei [Education for the Contemporay World]: Interaction Design Institute Ivrea’ in Creazione Contemporanea, Fondazione Adriano Olivetti, Luca Sassella Editore, Rome

2004 ‘Transferring Design Research to the Marketplace‘ in Bridging Concepts: Developing the Interface between Design, Education and Industry, EDF, Glasgow

2003 ‘Interaction Design’ in I.C.T. Design, Smau Industrial Design, Milan

2003 Editor (with Mario Mattioda and Philip Tabor), and Introduction in, Interaction Design: Almanacco 2004, Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, Italy

2003 Introduction in Giulio Ceppi et al. Mobile Embodiments, Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, Italy

2000 Foreword in Fiona Raby, Flirt, RCA/CRD Publications, London

2000 Invited contribution, Interactions, Design issue, Apr.

1999 Foreword in Anthony Dunne, Hertzian Tales, RCA/CRD Publications, London

1997 ‘Interactive Media’ in Journal of the American Institute of Graphic Art

1997 ‘The CRD Programme’, Interactions, Nov.

1996 ‘The Role of the Artist-Designer’ (with Philip Tabor) in Terry Winograd, ed., Bringing Design to Software, Addison-Wesley, Reading MA (published in Japanese, 1998)

1994 ‘Humanising Technology: Not Much Progress So Far’ in Design Renaissance, ICOGRADA/ICSID international conference proceedings, Open Eye Press, Brighton

1994 ‘Going through Customs: Changing Conventions in Architecture, Film and Interaction Design’ (with Philip Tabor), Human Computer Interaction, 9(1)



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