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Interaction design is the design of the interaction between people and devices, systems or services. This interaction usually involves the ‘new technologies’ of computing and communications. But interaction design remains a creative activity – like architectural, graphic or product design. And it concerns the social value and cultural meaning of what is designed, as well as its functional efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

This site, run by Gillian Crampton Smith and Philip Tabor, mostly concerns their Interaction Design (IxD) programme in the Visual and Multimedia Communication track (clasVEM) of the Graduate Programme in Design at Iuav University of Venice, Italy, between 2006 and 2013.




Berlin meet-up

In June, after a teaching session at Potsdam Technical University, Gillian and Philip met up at the Schwarzes Café in Kantstrasse with twenty or so alumni, collaborators and interns working in Berlin. 40% of IxD alumni work in Italy and 60% abroad where Berlin is the most popular destination, followed by London.

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Thesis project gets seed funding

Damiano Gui's project, Terrarium, was one of the ten Italian winners of the "Innovators Under 35" award run by the MIT Technology Review and Forum Ricerca Innovazione Imprenditorialità. He won a place at the TechPeaks incubator and the team is one of two already selected for €25K seed funding.

Fjord Berlin office

Interaction Design students' summer internships

Once again IxD students are doing internships abroad in a wide range of international studios. Barcelona: Smart Design; Berlin: Fjord, Feld, Nokia; Copenhagen: CIID; DenHaag: Van Berlo; London: Nokia, Peter Anderson; Madrid: Fjord; Singapore: MIT's Senseable City Lab.


Polimeteor selected by I.D. magazine online

Polimeteor, a project from the mobile applications studio course, Ambient Angels, was selected by the US design magazine, I.D. to be featured in their online edition. In this course, students were invited to design an application for Venice that would make use of sensor data around the city. [more about the project]

adaa logo

Six Iuav teams reach semi-finals in the Adobe Awards

Again this year Iuav teams have been successful in the first round of this competition that attracts thousand of entries from all over the world. Iuav has an impressive ADAA track record: twelve Finalists or Winners since 2008.

lexis il mostro

New Masters graduates

This year eleven students from product and comunication design did interaction design theses. They adressed a range of social areas: games for children of all abilities, small farmers, the elderly, government-citizen communication, stress; and tools for the kitchen, personalisable maps and a city game. [more]

Tangible sounds

Tangible Sounds

An interactive digital system to ease the learning of music theory allowing people to experiment with music through a tangible interface. This project by Loris Botello won the Best Student Project at the Digital Experience Awards 2012—the Italian festival of design and creativity. [more]


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