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… critical assessment

(photo Maria Chiara Toncich)

Nowadays social softwares notifies in real time the mass of user’s activities just in one click. For istance the most popular social software in Italy, Facebook is like a ‘shop-windows’ where everybody can show, broadcast ownself or spy on someone else. It pushes even more in a short time to a different conscience collective about privat-intimicy and share-privicy.

liaison thinks back to a daily domestic interaction. The communication is based on simply physical gestures able to create a domestic intimicy.

The models are house shape abstactions, close to the geometric figures. On one hand the house as metaphor gives the possibility to contain such kind of gestures, on other hand the aseptic shapes coll the mood of the project, so that it does not result too sentimental.
The aspect of the those figures seems familiar, far from the idea of the ipertechnological-intrusive object.

next step
While the little houses are designed for people who do not live in the same place we have to considerate the transportation of those fraglie objects. We did not think about how to resolve the transport of those objects without demage them.

liaison | mood, users, context | paper | ceramic | plexiglass | code, physical computing | early investigations | critical assessment | credits | download