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… ceramic

The ceramic house is divided into two floors.

a nightlight is put into the first house and led turns on into the second house. I
nto the second house the nightlight is put into the first house and a led turns on into the twin one

Into the top one is possible to put a nightlight. This gesture will show in the second house: because the grand floor will light up. The same gesture can be returned.

she blows on the nightlight and the led turns off

Turning off the nightlight the LED is turned off in the other house.

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ideal telecommunication


definitive ceramic houses

The shape of our prototype was very close to the finished object.

the two circuits, on the left the arduino board is under the breadboard

Our prototype worked in both directions. It was possible interact with both houses.
Each circuit had a light dependent resistor (LDR) to detect the light of the nightlight, an Arduino and a led which turned on when the LDR detected the light of the nightlight.The data transmission was done via wires and the circuits were powered by 9 volts batteries.

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