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Final documentation

By the exam hand-in, please document your final project, as a record and as the exam submission, in one or more ‘Final projects’ pages. This documentation aims: 1) to show people, who don’t know about your project, its aim, what it was and how it was done, and 2) to allow them to build upon it, just as you have built on the work of others. The documentation is as important as the project, because it is all that remains afterwards.

The documentation should include as a minimum (it may include more):

• Elevator pitch, of max. 150 words (this could be the short descriptions I wrote for each project—see Summary of Projects posted 10 March), and a seductive, informative, introductory image
• Description of the installation: who is it for? where is it? what information does it give? how does it do this?
• Description of how the real installation would be made (largely technical but also practical)
• Description of how your prototype works, and was constructed
• Any code you used, with instructions on how to run it, and/or electronic diagrams
• Description of any problems which emerged in the design and construction of the prototype, how you solved them (if you did), or how someone might solve them in future (if you didn’t)
• Declaration of who in your group did what.

The pages should be vividly designed within the limitations of WordPress, and generously illustrated by diagrams, photos, videos etc. You will have much material, so probably need more than one page; remember, when you write a new page, to make sure it’s parent page is your main project page.

Those people who did not post their pre-prototyping presentation should please do so in the ‘Projects in progress’ category.